Close Coupled Pumps
Close Coupled pumps utilize an impeller driven through a motor shaft adaptor coupled directly to the electric drive motor. The pump head is supported by a rear housing bolted directly to the motor flange. The pump is supported by the motor feet, bolted to the foundation, or alternatively to a fabricated steel baseplate. They are typically used with chemical processes, de-ionized water, wastewater treatment, hot solvents, and caustics.
Aqua Flow Service  provides complete close coupled pump repair service on all makes and models.

Aqua Flow Service close coupled pump repair services include:

  •     Removal from jobsite (if required)
  •     On-site troubleshooting
  •     Complete disassembly and inspection including non-destructive testing and precise            measuring
  •     Mechanical repairs and/or parts replacement
  •     Parts fabrication (as required)
  •     Reassembly
  •     Delivery & re-installation
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