Fire Pump Testing and Repair

Fire pumps are often a forgotten element of an automatic fire protection system.  If a fire pump doesn't work, the whole system may fail.  Inspection and testing requirements are designed to prevent a pump failure that could be catastrophic.  Our expert testing and service capabilities include the tools and knowledge for any fire pump in operation.  It is always important when dealing with life saving equipment that repairs are prompt and accurate and at Aqua Flow Service we can help.

Annual fire pump testing is required by NFPA 25 code 5.3-3.  Here at Aqua Flow Service we can help.  

  • Member of NFPA
  • Perform annual fire pump testing per NFPA 25 code 5.3-3
  • Perform startup service on new fire pump installations
  • Our test equipment is calibrated every 6 months to insure accuracy.
  • Also required every five years is a roof test.  If you have a fire pump, every five years you have to flow at least 500 GPM from the top of your roof, or highest point in your building.  At Aqua Flow Service we can help.  

The most common repair we perform is the replacement of the pump packing.  Ever wondered what your pump packing is really made of? Some PTFE/graphite packing you've tried in the past need more adjusting to control leak rates. And cause more shaft damage, too.

At Aqua Flow Service, we only use 100% GFO fiber packing. That's because 100% GFO fiber packing is still the only genuine reassurance you have that your packing works and performs - and keeps working and performing. It's the best universal packing for the broadest variety of services, and it's backed by more than 20 years of proven consistent performance.  We keep every size packing in stock for fast and accurate repairs.  

We also provide:
  • On-site packing replacement for all makes and models of fire pumps.
  • On-site diagnostics of any fire pump problem including control panels and valves.

New NFPA regulations require a weekly test of your fire pump.
  • NFPA 25 CODE 8.3-1  A weekly test of fire pump assemblies shall be conducted without flowing water.
  • We can show you how to perform this test yourself.
  • One service call from Aqua Flow Service, and we will show you everything you need to know to keep your pump performing at its best. 

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