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Grinder pumps shred solids and raise sewage to a higher elevation through pressure sewers. They shred sewage discharge into a finely ground slurry that can be sent through a small-diameter pressure pipe. Grinder pumps are connected to septic pipes and transport waste from households and businesses to sewage treatment systems. Unlike a well pump, grinder pumps are fitted with special cutting ring systems that are mounted to the pump’s motor shaft.

Grinder pumps are often installed on municipal sewage holding tanks. Wastewater from households or buildings collects in a holding tank and when the water reaches a certain level, a sewage grinder pump turns on to grind the waste and force the wastewater through the pressure pipe on to the sewage system. This sewage pump ensures that solids are processed as they leave the storage tank and helps to keep septic pipes clear of debris. Grinder pumps that are part of a residential septic system typically run off of household electricity and also come with an alarm system to let homeowners know if something is wrong with the pump. Residential or municipal grinder pumps are not typically designed to be used as a sump pump, since certain chemicals or materials may damage the liquid pump or cause operating problems. However, some industrial grade grinder pumps are designed for use with sump pits and storage lagoons for emptying wastewater.

Grinder pumps may also be submersible for use in high head sewage applications where gravity is not sufficient to move effluent or wastewater. An industrial strength submersible pump includes a heavy-duty shredding unit with a centrifugal design and an open impeller. The open impeller ensures that solids are not caught in the pump. A grinder pump is typically composed of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and powder-coated cast iron parts to withstand the processing of corrosive or harsh materials.

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