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Self Priming Pumps
Self-priming pumps are inherently designed to allow the pump to re-prime itself typically under lift conditions. These pumps are very effective to the end user in that they will eliminate the need for foot valves, vacuum and ejector pumps which can become clogged or be impractical to use for prolonged or remote operation.

A self-priming pump, by definition, is a pump which will clear its passages of air if it becomes air bound and resume delivery of the pumpage without outside attention. To accomplish this, a charge of liquid sufficient to prime the pump must be retained in the casing or in an accessory priming chamber. When the pump starts, the rotating impeller creates a partial vacuum; air from the suction piping is then drawn into this vacuum and is entrained in the liquid drawn from the priming chamber. This air-liquid mixture is then pumped into the air separation chamber (within the casing) where the air is separated from the liquid with the air being expelled out the discharge piping and the liquid returning to the priming chamber. This cycle is repeated until all of the air from the suction piping has been expelled and replaced by pumpage and the prime has been established.

Aqua Flow Service Self Priming pump repair services include:

No matter the model, manufacturer or age of your Self Priming pump, Aqua Flow Service can have you back up and running quickly and reliably.